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2015 Ariadne Sparkling

Michael says - This wine is a sparkling blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. It was fermented in the bottle and displays apple and pear characteristics with a creaminess on the palate. Wendy says - A perfect wine to have in the fridge and pull out when friends turn up unexpectedly.You can down a couple of bottles in a short time whilst hoeing into dip and bikkies.No need to cook dinner after consumption - take away will be fine or get the blokes to use their BBQing skills.



2017 Riesling

Michael says - This wine displays refreshing lime and apple characters and has a vibrant mouth feel. It is a great match with delicate seafood such as oysters and soft cheeses. Wendy says - A wine to produce when you’re trying to impress people. Show others that you’re not on the Pinot Gris train and that you have discerning tastes. This classy number goes beautifully with expensive thin cut sea salt chips.


Sauvignon Blanc

2018 Sauvignon Blanc

Michael says - This wine has passionfruit and tropical fruit aromas.The wine benefits from crisp acidity and has great depth of flavour.Drink it young while it is fresh and vibrant.It goes well with soft cheeses and cold meats. Wendy says - This savvy B is great to give to that special person to get them to nod off to sleep.With an easy drinking style and lots of fruitiness it goes down quickly but the 13.3% alcohol will get eyelids drooping within an hour.Match with party pies or sausage rolls.



2018 Chardonnay

Michael says - This wine has been barrel fermented in new and seasoned French oak. It has lovely fruit characters of peaches and melon with hints of butter displayed on the aroma and palate. Lees maturation and stirring has resulted in a wine with beautiful richness and softness on the palate. It is a perfect accompaniment for strongly flavoured fish such as Atlantic Salmon or meats like chicken or pork. Wendy says - Thank good ness Chardonnay is no longer passe and it is getting trendy again. King of the whites, you can count on this Chardonnay to give you plenty of fruit flavours balanced with vanilla and pencil shavings. Don't worry about having this with food - it's the kind of wine you get stuck into when you've had a crappy day at work.


Shiraz Viognier

2015 Shiraz Viognier

Michael says - This wine has a vibrant purple colour with aromas of red berries and spice. The palate exhibits soft tannins and is long and full flavoured. The wine spent twelve months in French oak. It suits meats such as lamb or beef and strongly flavoured cheese. Wendy says - Gotta love a Shiraz! This one has nice fruit but also has a nice hint of pepper (well actually more like snorting a white pepper shaker).If you've got to eat an overcooked steak (sorry Michael) then this Shiraz is perfect to wash it down.It complements strong flavoured foods nicely.


Cabernet Sauvignon

2016 Cabernet Sauvignon

Michael says - This wine is deep red with rich purple hues. The aroma is redolent of blackcurrants with hints of green leaf. The long, luscious palate has great fruit intensity and depth of flavour. It is suited to meats such as beef, kangaroo or venison and strongly flavoured cheese. Wendy says - An oldie but a goodie – Cabernet is always a reliable choice if you want a wine with plenty of flavour and bang for your buck. Match it with a big slab of steak smothered in béarnaise sauce (the jar stuff from Woolies or Coles).



2017 May Riesling

Michael says - This dessert style Riesling displays refreshing lime, musk and citrus blossom characters and has great richness and a crisp and full mouth feel. The wine was handcrafted to accompany vibrant dessert dishes and matches well with aromatic cheeses. Wendy says - Don't wait til you're onto dessert to drink this! This is a wine for sharing with a friend on a warm and sunny afternoon whilst devouring a chunk of stinky cheese like a washed rind or blue cheese.The best cheeses can be smelt throughout the house even though it is in layers of plastic and in the fridge.


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